Monday, August 2, 2010

Hightailing it out of Brussels

Check Spelling In 1000 meters, you are in Belgium

Everything in Belgium (and all over Europe for that matter) seem to stop during the summer. Many people decide to hightail it out of Brussels for warmer weather, cleaner surroundings and quieter times. The Brussels' hustle and bustle quiets down as the city becomes more and more deserted with each passing day.

The local baker, the baby's pediatrician or the dry cleaner may decide to take a month long holiday and leave you in the lurch. As life would have it, that could be the time your baby gets really sick or you need fresh baguettes and clean shirts. It is common to see scribbled on a piece of paper the words Ferme (closed). With each passing day, store fronts are closing and owners and workers are taking a well deserved break. My favorite coffee shop, Karsmakers is closed for TWO WEEKS! Where am I going to get my latte to go for the next two weeks?

I am one of the few that are stuck in the city. Due to various circumstances like moving and work, we are spending the summer in Brussels. Does it sound like a horror film? Summertime in Brussels? That is just me being cynical. I like to think of myself as guarding the Mannekin Pis. We were lucky to take a long weekend and get out of Brussels. We decided to go into France and visit the Champagne region. It was lovely but like everything in life, eventually it was time to get back to reality. As we were driving over the border into Belgium, we saw many cars driving in to the country with us. While many people staging an exodus to get out of Belgium, many French, Dutch and Germans are driving into to the country to spend some time. I personally want to welcome all the people that are coming to spend some holiday in Belgium. You will be charmed by Brugges, Liege, Ghent, Antwerp and even Brussels.

Where am I during all this time? I am the girl who is in Brussels. I am dedicated to the city. Why would I want to desert the city in the summer? Someone needs to stay and watch the Mannekin Pis! This is me being sarcastic of course. I was fortunate to enjoy a long weekend in
the Champagne area of France. It was beautiful and nice little interlude. More on that trip in tomorrow's entry.

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