Thursday, August 12, 2010

Brussels gets quirky on me!

A birdhouse made of old VHS and music cassettes
A side view of these wonderful birdhouse I discovered the other day on Rue Troon in Brussels, Belgium

There are many times when I get really bored with Brussels. While Brussels is considered a city and not a town or village; it lacks the hustle and bustle of New York City or London. Others may disagree with me and they are entitled to their opinion. I also find Brussels to feel empty at times as you never really see throngs of people running to the offices or feel surrounded by tall buildings. I live right across from the European Parliament and Luxembourg Train Station and while this this the pulse of Europe, I still feel don't feel claustrophobic.

Occasionally I do find some quirky things that make me think Brussels is sort of okay. For example, my last post about someone requesting that the trees not be used as a garbage can was pretty random. Things like this break up the Brussels monotony. I actually paused and smiled. For past few days, I found stumbled upon these unique birdhouses made of VHS and audio cassette tapes. I stumbled upon this treasure on Rue Troon (Throne Street) right by my apartment. When I first saw the birdhouse, I thought it was very interesting. It seemed sort of random, like someone posting a bumper sticker with a political message and running off. Upon further inspection, I saw a web address. I jotted it down and took a snap shot.

Today as I was walking up Chaussee de Wavre, I saw another one of the birdhouses. I then thought, this can not be very random. When I returned home I went to the website and discovered that there are birdhouses like this all over Brussels. Very cool, I thought. Something fun to look at for. Check out the website
I have yet to see a bird visit these little black houses but it's definitely fun to walk around Brussels and discover the birdhouses.

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